Cut 100 Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Inverter 100 AMP for CNC Table

Cut 100 Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Inverter 100 AMP for CNC Table

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Product Description

Cut 100 Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Inverter 100 AMP for CNC Table


This 100amp 3 phase plasma cutter is set up to use with plasma CNC plasma cutting table (Comes with CNC cutting port) or suitable for use cutting by hand, it takes standard consumables & is capable of cutting up to 35mm mild steel plate.

The CUT100 can be widely used in cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is a portable, efficient energy saving and stable machine. This machine is a plasma cutter only, no more need for those expensive oxy bottles, all you need is compressed air.

The CUT-100H plasma is the largest air cooled manual system in the Olympic range. Selected with built-in CNC port it is a perfect plasma cutting power source for CNC cutting system or for use without table and by hand. The heavy duty inverter system with a duty cycle of 60% in a 40℃ ambient with 100AMP output, is specifically designed for a high level applications requiring superior endurance and cutting performance.


  • 2T/4T latching
  • This machine is a true Pilot Arc, no need to touch tip to the job.
  • It will cut through rusty metal and painted surfaces up to 35mm for mild steel.
  • It has a huge high speed turbo fan to keep things cool.
  • The duty cycle is 60%@100amps and 100%@85amps.
  • Features a digital readout and sturdy lifting handles.
  • Plasma consumables kit = 40x Tips, 40x Electrodes, 2x Ceramic shrouds (saving $370)
  • CNC Cutting/Control port
  • Continuous Output Control: focus the arc for different material thickness
  • Rapid Arc Restrike: fast cutting through gaps, even expanded metal
  • Generator power supply friendly.

What You Get:

  • Pro-Weld CUT100 Air Plasma Cutter
  • Triimet CB-100 6 meter cutting torch
  • Earth Clamp with 3 metre lead
  • Air Regulator and fittings
  • Air Hose and fittings
  • Consumables kit valued $370
  • Owners Manual


  • Input Voltage – AC415V ± 15%
  • Input Power - 15 kva

Severence cutting at 50mm

Quality cutting 35mm

  • No Load Voltage - 300V
  • Current Range - 30-100amps
  • Rated Output Voltage - 120V
  • Rated Duty Cycle - 60% @ 100amps 100% @ 85amps
  • Efficiency - 60%
  • Power Factor - 0.93
  • Insulation Class - F
  • Protection Class - IP23
  • Arc Starting - Pilot Arc (non Contact)
  • Compressor Pressure – 80psi
  • Weight - 45kg
  • Unit Size - 600x400x600mm


  • Consumables kit = 40 x Tips, 40 x Electrodes, 2 x Ceramic shrouds $370

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