CNC Plasma Cutting Table Cutter 1500x3000 Suits Hypertherm or Cutmaster

CNC Plasma Cutting Table Cutter 1500x3000 Suits Hypertherm or Cutmaster

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Product Description

CNC Plasma Cutting Table Cutter 1500x3000 Suits Hypertherm or Cutmaster

CNC plasma Table cutter 1500x3000 Suits Hypertherm or Cutmaster
Large 10 INCH Display, With Remote Easy Assembly

This Simple To Assemble CNC Plasma Table, Comes With A Large Cutting Area Of 150cm x 300cm, With An Easy To Read 10 Inch Display & Hand Held Remote, It Runs On Standard G Code File Format & Also Comes With FASTCAM Software It is Also Suitable To Use With Other G Code Software Such As Fastcut etc, High Accuracy Of .001mm

Technical specifications Model 1530

  • X,Y working area 1500×3000mm
  • Table Will Restart After Power Failure
  • Quality Easy To Repair Electric Control system
  • Kerf Can be Automatically Compensated
  • Cutting And Positioning Can Be Done Randomly
  • Table bed heavy duty Aluminium structure
  • Cutting speed 0-8m/min
  • Traveling speed 0-50m/min
  • Power 8.5KW-10.5KW
  • Voltage 240 V single phase 50HZ (Table controller Only)
  • Driver motor stepper
  • Interface USB
  • Arc starting way Contact less arc starting
  • Driving mode Wheel gear
  • Guide ways cylindrical rail
  • Highly of Z axis Arcing voltage to reset to higher
  • Foot print 2000 x 3500mm (plus gantry)

Technical specifications Model 1530

  • LCD Display Dimension -

Table Details



LCD Display Dimension Large 10”
Effective Cutting Width (X axis) 1500mm
Effective Cutting Length (Y axis) 3000mm
Cross Beam Length 2000mm
Longitudinal Rail Length 3500mm
Cutting Speed 0-8000mm per minute
Plasma Cutting Thickness 2–25mm
Flame Cutting Thickness 6–200mm
Lifting Body 1 Set
Cutting Mode Flame & Plasma
Drive Mode Bilateral Drive
Height regulating device Arc voltage height
File transmission USB transmission
Nesting software Fastcam standard
Oxygen Pressure Max.0.7Mpa
Plasma Power Source according to customer’s requirments
Plasma Air Only pressed Air
Plasma Air Pressure Max. 0.8Mpa
Cutting precision ±0.5mm National standard JB/T10045.3-99
Control accuracy ±0.01mm
Power Supply Voltage/Frequency 240V/50HZ
Rated Power Supply 1000W

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